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i’ll be back sometime in the future. stay amazing everyone :)

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Anonymous said It's sad how her parents can be so closed-minded... Why won't they just let their daughter be who they want to be? Be who she actually IS. It's not fair to them when she did nothing wrong... I hope you get in contact with your gf soon.

a lot of people like to think they can control their children and know them better than their own child. her mother probably thinks she’s “saving” maddie from herself. that kind of thinking is extremely narrow-minded and wrong but sadly, it’s a lot more common than you’d think.

i’m devastated. i’m trying to stay calm so i’m probably coming off as unfeeling but i’m going through a really hard time rn and i don’t know what to do exactly from here. i just want maddie back.

thanks for your kind wishes… i know i’ll contact her soon somehow! i’ll find a way

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ah if you have any more questions let me know because ill probably go soon now cuz i feel kinda sad being on this blog… it’ll go on semi-hiatus for a bit. i think i’ll have a group of friends help me run it. but for the time being i need some space and time to heal

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Anonymous said :< does this mean you have no way of talking to your gf either?

as of right now i have no way to contact her

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Anonymous said this sis making me so sad... i love maddie... she was so cute and kind and wonderful and i loived seeing her happiness... im really gonna miss her.... you said she wont return until she moves out.... do you have any idea when that would be....? im sorry.. ill miss you maddie</3

she turns 18 in ~5 months so she can leave then legally. but it’s a lot more complicated than that

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Anonymous said sorry if this is intrusive but how did you and lee start dating?

haha this is actually a cute story, okay i’ll share it bc i love talking about this

okay so i (aleaha/lee) was turning… 14? and i didnt have a birthday party. nobody sent me happy birthday irl and i was really sad and lonely. so i got on tumblr and made an msparp chat (does anyone here remember msparp rip) called something ridiculous, and i posted the link begging anyone to show up and join me for my pathetic online birthday party. :’)

that’s actually how i met two of my best friends ever… kendle @kyashana, and well, maddie, who i went on to date and love very much. maddie almost didnt show up!!! she was really shy and i had a lot of followers at the time but not many friends. but by the end of the night i wasnt sad anymore because i made two new wonderful friends :)

i’m gray-aromantic, which means i don’t get crushes ever, at least for me, and when i do, theyre not enough to form a lasting relationship. except this time. me and maddie acted like really gay best friends for months before we realized best friends didn’t want to kiss each other. so we started dating! yeah! not very romantic omg

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Anonymous said WWWHAT WHATS HAPPENING TO MADDIE WHAT i s she okay ???????????????????????????? :OOOO

i made a post about this on my blog @hinatashoyo

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i’ll explain what’s going on now that i’ve calmed down a bit

basically, my gf maddie went camping and while she was away her mother guessed the passcode correctly to her laptop. note that her family is extremely religious and unaccepting of trans folk, gay ppl, and lgbt in general. her mother saw…

hi i’m reblogging this from my blog so you know what is going on

maddie said i didn’t have to explain if i didn’t want to but i felt i owed that to all of you at least

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back from camping, but not back for long.

im pressed for time but i had to say at least something before i leave tumblr.

thank you so much everyone, i had a great run. i hope aleaha explains something but i cant express how much tumblr has made my life a better experience. i have to go now, hopefully aleaha will explain why eventually if she chooses, but i now hand this blog over to her and i have to leave you all. 

now that kind of gives off the impression that im going to do something drastic but i swear im not #killing myself dont worry about that. i just have too much going on and a bad situation that is causing me to leave. to everyone ever in my entire life, thank you. 

stay strong, stay as golden as you are, and goodbye <3

- maddie

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